Jimmy Vines, Literary Agent

The Vines Agency, Inc.

Publishers Weekly Pg. 8

November 14, 2005

Hollywood Reader

Play It Again, Bob!

by Jason Anthony and Michelle Kung

Jason Anthony From the Department of No Brainers: You're an author with a 10-year Hollywood hot streak and your new manuscript features a retired but sensitive 60-something Mafia hit man who breaks down every time he hears La Bohème. Who you gonna call? Robert De Niro, naturally. CAA's Sally Willcox submitted Don Winslow's latest thriller, The Winter of Frankie Machine (Knopf, 2006) to the legendary goodfella's Tribeca Productions as an exclusive. Clearly De Niro liked what he read—he's now attached to produce and star, and has it for three studios: Paramount, Warner's and home-studio Universal. Should Frankie go to Hollywood, it would cap a busy season for Winslow. Actor Paul Walker and director John Herzfeld recently signed on for Millennium Films' adaptation of his The Death and Life of Bobby Z (Knopf, 1997). Jimmy Vines of the Vines Agency reps Winslow for lit. —J.A.